THE Audio and HiFi italian distributor

Hifight is the most value oriented HiFi distributor company

Hifight is know for being the most active italian audio distributor. And is so by design. Hifight carries a unique hybrid formula, able to perform in the short while creating value for the long.

The era of the classic import export, importers and distributors, with internet has come to an end. Given services as stocking and servicing are less interesting and do not cover the key question: how to create and enlarge the demand. When no modern-world activities are carried on to stimulate the demand we get to the very dead end of this old formula. Importing and reselling where the initial demand is low is just going nowhere. It just makes little sense, if any.

And here we go to the bottom line. Creating the demand is THE job. Specifically, at Hifight. Then all the rest, the given services, come handy to fill the daily activities.

Hifight creates values for the Brand as a modern-world distributor 

In Hifight we believe each day we have to make a difference. The days of reps moving along to grab some orders, the old days of the sell-in and the perhaps sell-out are well gone. In the era of the omnichannel, where the web and the physical shops have to find a way to coexist, Hifight is key to promote and stimulate the demand while coming to win-win mutual terms with brands, shops, professionals. The way we are able to do so is  easy to see while hidden in plain sight. We act as a Brand magnifying glass. We enhance the local visibility of the Brand itself and thus we create real business opportunities for the local professionals and the commercial chain. We do not succeed because of the former historical value of the Brand, but because we rise that level each day. Doing so, not only we succeed in our daily routines and by quarters, but help Brand stakeholders getting more value over time. Are you still trying to move stones with any old fashion audio distributor?


HIFIGHT Canale YouTube

Creative transformation is mandatory for growth and resistance 

We believe creative transformation is mandatory for growth and resistance in any field and any given industry. Nowadays, even more during or after pandemic, ongoing and pervasive digital revolution is just everywhere. According to more and more researches the return on investment in creativity and smart marketing technologies is absolutely “WOW”. Most of such  researches have been conducted in the United States, but we have good reason to think that these results are also valid for the rest of the world.

The italian HiFi distributor with a Go-To-Market like no other

How can you say Hifight is different? Well, in 2021 our portal has come to the 6th major release in 8 years. And we just planned just enough updates for 2022. If you google something, there you go, here we come fist hand. For any brand, any product line, and single product, you will find original contents, in local language. We generate leads, we move them to prospect status, we turn them into customers and fans. Our leads, prospects and customers desire our products more than the ones they’re barely aware about, don’t they?

Storytelling, comprehensive explanations, persons talking to persons, special magazine-style stories, a vertical YouTube HiFi channel – The HIFIGHT Club – with tons of quality-speaking videos are all worth more than anything else. This is the value creation we offer and this is the only italian audio distributor service you need. Here you get served with the real magnification of your brand values. The heritage, the pros, the philosophy, the products, all of them properly introduced and explained to the people. Customers find such contents. Then, the get engaged. Then, they want your product.

Hifight is the only italian audio partner @IT-pace

This one we had to discovered over time. HiFi is a slow moving pool. People have been acting same way for years, for decades. New activities are seen with suspicion, possibly avoided. In the old age we used to do so!”

Well, The Times They Are A-Changin’ pretty fast, aren’t they?

By prizing yourself and your company with a brand new, marketing oriented and lighting fast distribution partner, you might get a couple of miles aways from your competitors and possibly find new viable ways to market, especially for the years to come. You might already be in biz with an old distributor – but that does not mean it’s active or it’s creating value. It does not mean it’s able to get the job done in 2020++, most important.

1980 HiFi distribution standard toolset

These one (kinda) are usually asked from Brands to new potential distributors:

  • How many shops do you cover?
  • Which are your best shops?
  • Do you make demos?
  • Do you train partners?
  • How much do you expect first year?
  • Do you visit dealers?

2021 Audio Distribution business micro toolset

We recommend Brands to start distribution and even direct sales model analysis with questions like these:

  • What is the real role of a unique importer in 2021?
  • What does it mean developing the market?
  • What is a Brand shop?
  • Has the Brand enough fame and momentum to enter the market by its own force or does it need marketing and commercial ideas and power?
  • Where is the added value created? At the factory? At the design lab? At mkt side?
  • And where is the added value lost? At what step of the go-to-market chain?
  • How is the role and the weight of the dealer changing?
  • What is the most suitable marketing strategy in HiFi?
  • How can the Brand bring core values and originally-added value from HQ to locals?
  • What are in 2021 the most effective media and format to generate leads and prospects?
  • How, in the HiFi and audio industry, can leads and prospects not be lost or stolen and get turned into customers, via dealers?
  • How do you make a fan and an evangelist out of a customer?
  • What is the ROI of an ADV on a HiFi Magazine? What is the readers population of an HiFi magazine? Do readers finally buy?
  • What is the ROI of a Youtube video?
  • Can we ACTUALLY enlarge the audience and so CREATE DEMAND via mkt?
  • … and way, way more

Godzilla Strategy since 2013

Attracting people with social, convincing them with quality content, closing with distribution. We create new content on a daily basis attracting best company partners and also more and more music lovers, dealers and fans. As Italian Audio Distributor we bring to the game the following assets:

  • 1.500 smq HQ in Venice area – North East
  • 3M$+ turnover
  • Deep expertise in HiFi, Consumer goods, distribution, marketing
  • Content driven distribution – absolutely best in class
  • Daily, original audio video, social and web creativity
  • Many audio brands go-to-marketed
  • In house full repair service
  • 500+ customers among audio specialist, retailers, custom installers, residential and building automation professionals along the whole country